The 6 digital trends of 2021 that you should incorporate into your digital marketing strategy

tendencias digitales marketing digital

What are the digital trends of 2021 that you should incorporate into your digital marketing strategy?

After a year in which the world as we knew it changed radically, one of the few certainties we have is the unstoppable commitment to digital, innovation and technology. This is where the digital trends that will live with us in 2021 become especially important and that we must take into account when planning our digital marketing strategies. Adapting the business models of companies to the digital sphere is more important now than ever.

As every year, IAB, the digital marketing, advertising and communication association; has released a report with the digital trends that will reign this year.

tendencias digitales marketing digital
We wanted to make a compilation of the 6 digital trends of 2021 that you should incorporate into your digital marketing strategy

Podcasts and audio as a way to connect with the user

Podcast consumption is booming. Motivated by our lifestyle, podcasts have positioned themselves as an alternative for cultural consumption that adapts to our rhythms and needs.

Many brands have already realized this, and have decided to create their own podcast, betting on offering their own content that the user may like, this is the case of “Are you still there? A Netflix podcast.

On the other hand, other brands decided to join these spaces in the form of sponsored, such as Storytel with the program led by Isabel Calderón and Lucía Litjmaer in «Deforme Semanal Ideal Total».

Podcasts undoubtedly offer the advantage of targeting a niche audience, creating a strong bond with the user, who becomes emotionally involved with the content and, consequently, with the brand.

Digital audio is therefore presented as one of the digital trends of 2021 that you should incorporate into your digital marketing strategy.

los podcast como tendencia de marketing digital

Branded content, omnichannel and the importance of brand values

Talking about brands that decide to bet on creating and offering their own content in the form of a podcast or any other type of format, is talking about branded content.

Branded content is the digital marketing technique through which a brand generates content linked to it with the intention of attracting the consumer in a more organic and less intrusive way.

Within branded content as a digital trend for this 2021, we find the consolidation of events in digital format. Without a doubt, this year we will see live events with more innovation and creativity, both in streaming and non-linear formats.

If we want our digital marketing strategy to be more effective, the digital trends of 2021 are committed to omnichannel and a branded content strategy in cross-formats. Terms like TikTok, Twitch, Kofi or Reels are no longer terms used only by Generation Z and are beginning to be the focus of attention for brands.

All these platforms will be, and are, part of the digital marketing strategies according to the digital trends presented by IAB. It is precisely in them where brands must demonstrate their values, since they are an ideal tool for telling stories.

Social Networks and Influencers

Social Networks are not simply a digital trend, they are a whole universe that expands the physical plane and is part of our day to day. His power is unquestionable. Brands realized this a long time ago, now the challenge is to keep up with the different trends that are emerging.

Video content continues to boom, especially in the wake of the pandemic, where consumption on social networks increased considerably. The possibilities are varied. At one extreme are the videos of a few seconds and fast consumption that we can find on Tik Tok, Instagram Stories or Reels; and on the other hand much longer videos, such as direct on Twitch, Facebook, YouTube and even IGTV. Choosing the platform and format will depend on the objectives of the brand.

It is precisely on Twitch where the world of gaming and esports is developing the most, which attract the youngest.

Regardless of the most appropriate platform for the digital marketing strategy that is being developed, Social Listening plays a fundamental role. Listening to the user and interacting with him will be what will create strong, positive and lasting relationships, beyond the number of likes.

What about the influencers?

Brand actions with influencers are part of everyday life. More and more importance is given to ROI over awareness. Measurement becomes essential, especially in cases where direct conversion is sought.

More and more value is placed on lasting relationships between brands and influencers, which transmit trust, authenticity and commitment.

influencers tendencia digital

Hyperconnection and hyperpersonalization

5G will become an increasingly common reality. It will increase the speed and capacity of mobile networks, as well as the amount of data that will be collected from users.

All this collection of DATA and its use in advertising campaigns will allow users to be segmented so that brands can adapt their messages more efficiently and effectively.

This technological development creates a paradigm of hyperconnection and hyperpersonalization of advertising that is launched to different targets. Programmatic advertising will continue to increase its efficiency. Each time the programmatic strategies are more advanced and complex, it is here where specialization and Artificial Intelligence play a fundamental role.

DOOH advertising

DOOH advertising and Digital Out Of Home advertising is that advertising that is incorporated into urban furniture: bus shelters, metro stops or giant screens in some of the main buildings of different cities.

Undoubtedly one of the most innovative media and with the greatest possibility of development. The creative and user interaction possibilities are endless, although your budget is not suitable for all digital marketing strategies. It is expected that little by little this channel will be democratized, thanks especially to Big Data and the implementation of programmatic advertising techniques.

E-commerce: marketplaces and new platforms

The confinement due to the COVID-19 health crisis accelerated a trend that had already been seen for several years: electronic commerce.

The pandemic has increased user interest in shopping online and different businesses face the challenge of choosing the platform that best suits their sales needs.

We previously mentioned that selling should not be the only objective of our digital marketing strategy, brand image and transmitting values ​​to the user also comes into play. Marketplaces like Amazon offer tools to achieve this.

Amazon Brand Stores are presented as the ideal place within the platform where brands can present their origin, values ​​and products. This is intended to capture the user’s attention, but not only that, it also improves the user’s experience and obtains a higher conversion rate.

At Década Studio we are experts in digital marketing and marketplaces. We want to help brands create an updated digital strategy that takes into account the new digital trends that are arising.

We carry out comprehensive management of the entire online sales process, without forgetting the importance of maintaining the essence of the brand and transmitting its values ​​to different customers and potential customers.

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