Sell your products in Central and South America with Amazon or Mercado Libre

Amazon o Mercado Libre

Currently, Amazon is the main product search engine in the world and the marketplace with the most active users. However, in Central and South America, the market leader is still Mercado Libre. Therefore, if you are interested in expanding your business to Central or South American countries, you should consider these 2 marketplaces.

Amazon o Mercado Libre

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In which countries in the Americas does Mercado Libre and Amazon operate?

To begin with, you must be clear in which countries these marketplaces operate, since they do not operate throughout the continent.

mercado libre amazon

With Amazon you can sell your products in the United States, Mexico, Bermuda, Colombia, Mexico, Uruguay, Brazil, Costa Rica, Panama, Venezuela, Canada, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Guadeloupe, Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados, Micronesia, Guyana French, Jamaica, Saint Martin and Martinique. However, we must highlight that only in the United States, Brazil, Mexico and Canada do they have their own warehouses, so only in these countries does it have the fulfillment service.

On the other hand, with Mercado Libre you can sell your products in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, the Dominican Republic, Uruguay and Venezuela. . We must emphasize that Mercado Libre only works as an intermediary, so it does not have its own warehouses.

What are the main advantages of selling on Mercado Libre and Amazon?

Undoubtedly, the main advantage of these marketplaces is the large traffic of users with the intention of buying, since the purpose of entering this type of platform is for the visitor to acquire the product they are looking for. Likewise, we must emphasize that both platforms are characterized by being safe for both the seller and the buyer, since the percentage of fraud is less than 1%.

What should you take into account to sell on Amazon or Mercado Libre?

  1. To start selling on Amazon your account must be verified. On the other hand, Mercado Libre does not request any verification, so you can sell your products from the creation of the account.
  2. Mercado Libre does not have fixed costs, since it is not necessary to pay a monthly fee to be a seller on this platform. On the other hand, to be a seller on Amazon it is necessary that you pay $39 dollars each month, regardless of whether you sell or not.
  3. Amazon has marketing tools that allow you to position and optimize your product organically or through advertising. Likewise, Mercado Libre has marketing and advertising tools, but we must emphasize that they are not as developed as those of the world leader, Amazon.
  4. To be a seller on Amazon or Mercado Libre in American countries, you need to have a bank account and a telephone number from the country where you want to operate. Likewise, the company must be registered in that country.
  5. With Amazon they can only sell products. On the other hand, with Mercado Libre you can offer products, services, real estate and cars.
  6. Amazon will always charge you a commission of 8% – 15% per product sold. On the other hand, Mercado Libre, depending on the type of account you choose, Free, Basic or Premium, will charge you from 0% – 22% of the value of the product.

At Década we help you expand your business to new markets through marketplaces.

We are specialists in marketplaces and we help you at every step of expanding your business to a new market. Our work with you does not begin with the opening of the account in Amazon or Mercado Libre, but much earlier, with market research and the opening of your company in the selected country. In short, we take care of everything, you only have to worry about seeing the results.