Marketing and sales strategies on Aliexpress

estrategias de marketing y ventas en Aliexpress

What marketing and sales strategies is Aliexpress following? Also known as the “Asian Amazon” is increasingly penetrating the lives of Western shoppers. Either because of its low prices or because of the infinity of offers and products that one can find there. It is clear that the Chinese platform is gaining importance within the European eCommerce landscape. And it is no coincidence that there are more and more brands willing to bet on having a presence in this Marketplace. Already the second online sales platform in Spain and the second most downloaded app, AliExpress is behind the giant Amazon, but highlighting its low prices and most free shipping.

To take advantage of the boom in the Spanish market, the platform has created AliExpress Plaza, which is the service that allows us to place orders that ship from Spain in less than seven days.

Apart from the AliExpress Plaza service, the first physical AliExpress store was also created to create a satisfactory and complementary experience to when shopping online.

This climb to second place in companies with the highest turnover in Spain is due, in large part, to the marketing and sales strategies that are hidden in Aliexpress.

From where are the marketing and sales strategies carried out on Aliexpress?

Sales operations are carried out from the AliExpress Business platform, and that is where all the tools are managed, not only to sell, but also to carry out marketing actions, inventory, or manage orders.

Marketing tools are free of charge and help companies sell more, have more visibility, position themselves better, etc. Since AliExpress’s most regular customers have a younger profile, marketing strategies that try to lower costs or make faster deliveries can significantly help both to succeed in getting new customers, as well as to retain and retain them.

In this article, we will explain the basic premises of what AliExpress marketing strategies are like and their different ways to reach business objectives.

Aliexpress marketing

The platform is clear: if the seller wins, the customer wins; and consequently; AliExpress also wins. And that is why sellers are given so many facilities to increase the chances of success. These Aliexpress marketing and sales strategies are largely promotional actions.

estrategias de marketing y ventas en Aliexpress

The promotions

In the end, what you want is for a brand to attract attention so that there is traffic and it is easier to convince the customer for the sale. AliExpress divides these promotions into three:

  • AliExpress Promotions
  • Store Promotions
  • Great Promotions

What differentiates the first two is that AliExpress promotions are controlled by the same platform with the aim of gaining visibility, that is, the seller decides which promotion to run or how many products to offer in the offer, but in the end it is she who manages the sale. course of the promotion. Once the seller creates the bases of the promotion, the platform manages it until the sale is made.

These promotions are the Lightning Offers (offers that occupy one of the most visible places on the platform with a special 48-hour price and that will help us increase our sales faster), the Freebies (1 cent product raffles with which you get traffic, followers and as a consequence: positioning) and Coins and Rewards (gamified promotion where the buyer «collects coins» that can later be exchanged for a product.

On the other hand, there are Store Promotions, they give us more freedom of action and are individual promotions for each store that serve to retain loyalty. These offers consist of Coupons and Promotional Codes (the seller can choose the quantity, the value or even the products in which they can be applied), Product Packs (create lots of selected items and sell them at a reduced price), Special Offers (customer incentive to spend a minimum amount to have privileges) and the conventional Product Discounts.

Finally, the Great Promotions are dates selected by the platform such as March 28 (Anniversary Promotion) or December 12 (Gift for All), in which the opportunity to carry out special and unique promotional actions is given. The most important promotion of the platform is that of 11/11, the day of the single and it could be said that it is the «Asian Black Friday». This day discounts of up to 70% are made or even products are raffled. This promotion is the biggest event on AliExpress and therefore it is a great opportunity to take advantage of the marketing tools that the platform offers us.

These actions allow you to increase store traffic and sales, which will translate into a better positioning on the platform.

Traffic and the Community

AliExpress divides traffic into internal and external. The internal one is the one that is achieved from within the platform; and the external one is the one that is achieved from outside the platform.

The promotions that we have talked about above all stimulate internal traffic, but there are some tools that also stimulate external traffic. Among all of them, the most successful is the Affiliate Program: those websites affiliated with AliExpress that give their consent for platform products to be advertised in exchange for taking a commission (agreed with the seller) in the case of selling the product.

Unlike Amazon, the positioning of the brand and the products depend to a large extent on the community that one has, and that is achieved through a fluid traffic in the brand.

The keywords or the optimization of the products, such as the names, the images or the description, are essential to have a stable base and thus encourage traffic. But the community that a brand can have on this platform will make all the difference.

That is why it is necessary to build customer loyalty by reminding them that the brand exists, that it provides adequate service and that it wants to continue making them happy. Taking into account these marketing and sales strategies within Aliexpress, the path to start will be easier.

Start selling on Aliexpress

At Década Studio we are aware of the importance for different businesses to be present in the largest online storefronts worldwide. Especially when this presence translates into increased sales, expansion into new markets, minimal infrastructure and operating costs, and much more. This is why we offer our clients comprehensive management of their store in one of the kings of marketplaces: AliExpress.

This management covers the entire process to follow to start selling on AliExpress, from the creation and configuration of your account to the maintenance and management of customer messages, and even an analysis of the feasibility of expanding the business to European markets. In addition to this, Década Studio offers many more services:

    • Product catalog management: Among the main tasks are: generation of marketing plan and definition of the product catalog for AliExpress, inventory management, optimization of product descriptions, management of comments and reviews, optimization of images and launch of offers and promotions
    • Stores on Aliexpress: creation of your own store on AliExpress, organization and design of store information, brand identity and customization of your image.

Why wait any longer? Discover how to carry out marketing and sales strategies within Aliexpress at the hands of Década Studio.