How to increase your sales on Amazon during Black Friday and Christmas? Get ready for the festive period

It is normal that, taking into account that the festive period is approaching, you begin to wonder how you can increase your sales on Amazon during Black Friday and Christmas. In this final stretch of the year we find ourselves with a large increase in users who come to Amazon to look for new products and brands to satisfy their shopping needs, as well as promotions and offers. This translates into a significant increase in sales that, in some cases, can be between 2 and 10 times higher, in the words of the platform itself.

This year, BLACK FRIDAY WEEK will launch from November 18 to 28, which will include a special Black Friday event that will last 48 hours on November 24 and 25.

We wanted to compile a series of elements that you should take into account to get the most out of the festive period, keep reading!

Make sure your product is Retail Readiness​

Some time ago, we talked about the importance of Amazon Retail Readiness and why it’s important if you sell on Amazon. Amazon Retail Readiness In summary, we could say that this concept speaks of the importance of reviewing all those factors in the Amazon listing that significantly contribute to improving your conversion rate and maximizing sales before launching any type of advertising campaign. As you will have been told on many occasions, the fact that your product pages are well worked out is a critical component for success on Amazon. Especially if we are in festive periods like Black Friday or Christmas where the competition is brutal.

Here we leave you a checklist of those elements that you have to pay attention to if you want to increase your sales on Amazon during Black Friday and Christmas.

  • Products Title
  • Bullets and description
  • Image carousel
  • Customer reviews and ratings
  • A+ content
  • Buy box
  • Inventory

Now that we have reviewed and worked on the key elements of our listing, we are going to stop at the last point: the inventory.

Avoid stock breaks

If you are willing to put all your efforts into increasing your sales on Amazon during Black Friday and Christmas, you have to guarantee that you have stock available for these dates, especially in your most popular products. If you work with Fulfillment by Amazon, which we recommend due to its multiple advantages, you have to be aware of the deadlines that the platform has announced for your inventory to reach the logistics centers in Spain:

  • Black Friday week: November 4
  • Christmas: December 11

It is important that you manage your inventory proactively, making sure you have enough stock during key dates and checking it frequently

Prepare your Store

Using seasonal updates for your Amazon Store can help boost sales during high-traffic periods like Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday, or Christmas. Remember that, in order to have an Amazon Store, you must have your brand registered in the Amazon Brand Registry.

These seasonal updates are essential for our brand image to remain relevant and offer users specific content for those dates.

Here are a series of tips for you to prepare your Store and increase your sales on Amazon during Black Friday and Christmas.

  1. Highlight your offers and news: Remember that Amazon offers you a whole series of modules that can be included in the Store and that can help you improve its conversion. You can include a featured deals module on your homepage or on a seasonal specific subpage so that only products that have an active deal or coupon are displayed.
  2. Include a video talking about your brand: Did you know that Stores with at least one video had an average of 12% more dwell time for shoppers compared to Stores without video? This is indicated by Amazon and recommends adding videos in your Store to build customer loyalty and interact with your brand.
  3. Sácale partido a los módulos: Como decíamos antes, Amazon pone a tu disposición toda una serie de módulos, incluidos los de compra directa, que pueden ayudar a los usuarios a hacer una compra fácilmente desde la imagen.
  4. Create specific images and banners for each season
  5. Increase the visibility of your Store: Launch Sponsored Brands campaigns and on your different social channels to increase traffic to your Store. According to Amazon, when linking Sponsored Brands to Sotres, customers buy, on average, 10% more products from a brand’s catalog, compared to linking to a product listing page.

Create specific offers

Creating offers will undoubtedly help increase the sales of your products during Black Friday and Christmas, since it will increase the visibility of your products and make them more attractive to users. First of all, we must not forget our margins and our pricing strategy to assess the types of offers and discounts that we can carry out.

Depending on our pricing strategy, we can carry out some discounts or others. We recommend you visit our guide on how to create offers on Amazon.

Special Packs and Bundle Products

It is very common that, especially on prominent dates such as Black Friday and Christmas, we want to create specific packs or lots for these dates. First of all, we recommend analyzing our sales to see which products in our catalog are usually bought together. This will give us an idea of ​​user behavior and needs

Invest (wisely) in advertising

Amazon Ads is undoubtedly one of the fundamental pillars to increase your sales during Black Friday and Christmas. We are working on a guide with tips to carry out the best practices during these dates and achieve the best possible results. For now, we recommend the following:

  • Make sure your campaigns are always active in order to increase your visibility before, during and after these dates.
  • Be sure to monitor your daily budget, as Amazon’s increased traffic during this time may mean your ads are getting more clicks than usual.
  • Add broad and exact keywords to the campaign to increase exposure and traffic relevance.
  • Link Sponsored Brands campaigns to your Store to help your potential buyers see your entire catalog.

Drive external traffic to Amazon

External traffic is a very useful way to increase visits to your products within Amazon and, as a consequence, increase sales and improve the conversion rate. Remember that, before launching the external traffic campaign to Amazon, we have to check that the product file that our potential customers will reach is well optimized.

It is useless to bring a lot of traffic to our detail sheet if it does not later offer clear, correct and attractive information for the user. In this way, we make sure that our product has a good investment rate.

Thanks to these elements, you will be able to increase your sales on Amazon during Black Friday and Christmas, we hope it has been helpful! If you need more information, Década Studio’s team of experts in Amazon and Marketplaces will be in charge of helping you and creating the best strategy for your business.

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