How to create the ideal landing page?

It is a fact that the Internet is our place of reference to solve all kinds of doubts, especially when it comes to comparing prices, looking for information about the products that interest us, making purchases and endless other possibilities. This is why businesses seek to improve their online presence, after all, a website is a showcase on the Internet and is the ideal means to gain visibility, attract customers and increase sales.

However, there are many businesses that do not have a website or that do not have it adapted for sale.

When this happens, what other alternatives are there?

Creating a landing page or landing page is the ideal opportunity to take advantage of the tools that the network offers us. In short, a landing page is a web page designed specifically to convert visitors into leads and includes all its content on a single page. It is a very efficient tool since it will allow us to carry out specific actions such as announcing new products, presenting offers or obtaining information from clients and potential clients.

Many companies that already have a web page also choose to create a landing page to carry out specific actions. In this way, they are able to focus all their efforts in a place with fewer escape sites for users and achieve their goals more easily.

To create our landing page, we must be clear:

  • What we want to achieve: It can be to sell a specific product, increase subscribers to our newsletter, get new customers, retain existing consumers, etc.
  • What we are going to publish: The content is undoubtedly the fundamental pillar of our landing page. We can include the launch of new products, Christmas catalog, value content, offers, promotions, raffles.
  • What action do we want the user to do when they enter our landing page: We can focus our efforts on getting the customer to buy, leave us their email, subscribe…

Once we have these elements defined, we can start creating our ideal landing page.

To create an ideal landing page, it is important that our content is written clearly and concisely. The key is to speak the same language as our user, in such a way that we can keep their attention.

This content has to be structured. We can use powerful headlines and images to keep the reader hooked, so it will be easier to convey the value that our product or service offers. Also, if we use lists, the information will be even more ordered.

Within this content, the CTAs or calls to action must be well defined. At the design level, they have to be differentiated from the rest of the landing page through color or another series of design elements. How many CTAs to include? This will depend on each landing page.

The landing pages are the ideal place to capture the data of clients or potential clients, do not forget to include a form. This form must have the right and necessary fields, since users are usually reluctant to provide too much information.

Multimedia content is key on the web. Include creatives in image and video format, so you will gain dynamism.

Once we have created and optimized our landing page, it is important to work on the creatives and complement our digital strategy with other channels such as social networks, the website, and even a physical establishment. We must try to have a coherent aesthetic, in such a way that the user can identify our business regardless of the channel in which he sees us.

At DécadaStudio we are aware of the importance of image for a business, which is why we offer web creation services and landing pages where we focus on creating an attractive design complemented with effective usability, correct web architecture and a high loading speed that ensure good user experience.