Amazon opening in Belgium

amazon en belgica
amazon en belgica

Amazon has become the giant of marketplaces all these years, most sellers choose it over others to sell their products in the same way that the population chooses it to buy. All of this is due to the large number of products that you can find on Amazon but also to the fact that it is a marketplace in full expansion, there are more and more countries in which you can be present. Now, a new country arrives that joins the list and this is Belgium.

Amazon arrives in Belgium will be the new market, the new opportunity and the new bet of Amazon. Belgium becomes part of the long list of countries that have the marketplace giant. If you are a business that sees your great opportunity in this news, you can now start preparing your products and adapting them to the Belgian market.

We give you some tips and keys to carry out this work.

How to prepare product listings for Amazon Belgium?

  • In your Seller Central as a seller you have available the tool to create international listings (BIL) this allows you to publish your existing products in bulk on Just go to your inventory and select ‘sell globally’. Within this you can select the ones you want for the Belgian market and modify their prices, which will be in euros.
  • The offers you choose to use will also be automatically translated into French, Flemish Dutch and English for Belgian customers.
  • IMPORTANT: BIL is not yet available for the Belgium store but as soon as BIL is active, existing listings and prices will be synced regularly across all linked Seller Central accounts.

How to benefit from the FBA Belgium program?

  • Of course, you will also have all the Amazon logistics available, to be able to easily ship to Belgium. On the other hand, you will be able to benefit from the Amazon Fulfillment Pan-European Program (Pan-EU) with national rates and offer your products to local customers.
  • You can receive your inventory at your local fulfillment center, and Amazon will handle storage, packing, shipping, and return, and provide local customer support.

And VAT, how does it affect me?

This is one of the issues that worries the most when starting to sell on Amazon in another country and in a new market. That is why we clarify how this varies in Belgium.

  • As in any other market and country in the European Union, in Belgium your products may be subject to EU VAT if you have given your consent for Amazon to store your inventory in Amazon fulfillment centers in Europe.
  • On the other hand, if in your case you are not warehousing the goods in Belgium and are already established in the EU, you may need to register for local VAT numbers if your sales exceed the EU-wide distance sales threshold of 10,000 euros.

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If you would like to start selling on Amazon in a new country and you still have doubts about how to do it, at Década Studio we have a team of expert marketplace professionals who will advise you and help you identify the best opportunity for your business.

In addition, we will help you plan the most appropriate sales and promotion strategy to position your products on Amazon.

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