8 Must-Have Web Design Trends for 2021

tendencias diseño web 2021

We wanted to make a compilation of the main trends in web design for this 2021. It is necessary to remember that these new web designs are always dynamic since they arise with the intention of capturing the attention of the target audience and improving SEO positioning.

tendencias diseño web 2021

What are the web design trends we will see in 2021?

Soft shadows, layers and floats

Arousing enthusiasm and positivity, movement and realism is another of the web design trends for 2021.

How did we get this?

Through layers, shadows and a sensation of depth, not only in images and videos, but in all the graphic elements that support the web. The immersive elements in 3D and a great quality in the photographic material will also be decisive.

The power of fonts and the use of bold fonts

The personality of the typography is an essential element. By playing with asymmetric designs in the letters of web pages, it is possible to highlight titles, messages and capture the interest of users.

Bold fonts are not an innovation in 2021, but this trend is gaining momentum. The problem is that most users pay attention to the web page header first. For this reason, it is necessary to attract the attention of customers by using bold fonts for titles. This technique allows you to add more visual reason to the information, category, topic, service or product. Aside from the usability aspect, this trend adds a modern take on website design.

Dark and warm modes

The dark mode trend has become even more popular with the continuous use of operating systems, applications and technological tools that expose the user to long hours in front of the mobile screen, causing visual fatigue.

This function also extends to warm and soft colors that are intended to protect the eyes, especially in low light conditions, reducing the emission of blue light on the screen and also considerably improving the battery consumption of the mobile phone.

Voice interfaces

One of the hottest technology and design trends in 2021 is voice chatbots and virtual assistants. It is a design practice that has gained strength because it allows users to interact more quickly and efficiently with a system through voice commands, leaving aside the touch use to which they are accustomed.

This type of technology is a user experience that is fully immersive, nuanced, agile, complex, and more focused on people’s needs. This market trend is favorable and everything indicates that this technology will continue to grow and evolve over the years.

interfaz por voz

Asymmetric designs

Asymmetrical compositions tend to be more striking and offer better results than symmetrical ones. The asymmetry allows more freedom of composition and hierarchical organization of the elements, providing a more up-to-date look at the design of the website.

It is a very powerful resource within the graphic design trends of 2021. This manages to impact the viewer and powerfully draw their attention to the message that you want to convey.


Forums, blogs, chatbox, sharing on social networks, voting, searching, user comments and all those elements that are part of the design and that allow user interaction with websites are one of the trends in web design 2021.

This represents an interaction and communication challenge that involves making the most of the digital experience to achieve satisfied users and attract visitors with an increasingly pleasant user experience.

UX/UI solutions to improve the User experience

UX/UI solutions will help to respond to those consumers who want to have a good experience when visiting a website and carrying out a specific search in the shortest possible time.

A simple and fast shopping experience through an attractive website will encourage you to spend more time on the site and will make it easier for you to purchase the product or service offered.


It is often said that «less is more». This, applied to the design trends for 2021, means that with fewer elements, a linear format, cleaner graphic design, a clear screen, and well-worked colors, we will achieve a functional and sober minimalist web design. This will have the consequence that the user can focus on what is really important within the website and does not have distractors.

Do you need a website adapted to these web design trends?

At Década Studio we are aware that your website should be your business card and the perfect showcase for your business. We want this showcase not to be outdated and to follow the trends that set web design this year 2021.

We are also aware that it is not just a visual issue, which is why we focus on other elements that guarantee a good user experience, such as correct web architecture, effective usability and high loading speed.

If you want to know more, our web development team will be happy to contact you.