What you need to know as an Aliexpress seller to end 2022

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AliExpress is a platform that offers a wide variety of promotions that increase sales and visibility throughout the year. We are in the final stretch of this 2022 and the most important moment for AliExpress sellers has arrived.

The most important AliExpress promotions are here

Along with Amazon, AliExpress is established as the main marketplace when looking for product information. Therefore, it is of vital importance for sellers on the platform to be present at their most important events.

Aliexpress promotions during these next two months include high-value events for the platform. Including main and own promotions of this marketplace such as 11.11.

The next month of November will give rise to promotions in which a seller of this platform must participate if they want to be relevant. While December is not far behind and also has campaigns to take into account to close the year in the best possible way.

AliExpress Promotions Calendar

  • November 11 – 11.11 ALIEXPRESS BIG SHOPPING DAY
  • November 28 – ALIEXPRESS CYBERMONDAY 2022
  • December 6 – PREPARE THE NEW YEAR
  • December 12 12 – SALE 12.12
  • December 28 – ALIEXPRESS AWARDS


All these dates are important for the platform, since they offer the seller greater visibility than any other type of offer or discount. Especially on 11.11.

Black Friday is an event with a lot of activity online, just like Cyber ​​Monday. November is a month with a tight calendar and with many possibilities.

December offers promotions to make one last sprint to close the year. The 12.12 sale is typical of AliExpress, which is in the middle of the month and is accompanied by two other promotions at the beginning and end of the month.

These events promote the most attractive prices of the whole year on the platform, adding the possibility of implementing coupons for an extra discount. The most attractive offers come together in promotions like 11.11 and consumers know it. It is essential to have a presence in the promotion if you want to be relevant during these two months.

The platform offers sellers greater visibility during their promotions. They can be the difference between a great year on the platform or not.

World Shopping Festival 11.11 AliExpress 2022

One of the largest campaigns in the world, originally called Singles’ Day in China, and now as the World Shopping Festival, will start on November 11, 2022. There will be discounts, contests, games, distribution of coupons. This event will feature the lowest prices on AliExpress throughout the year.

11.11 has been consolidated on the platform until it is the main event on it, ahead of Black Friday and generating a greater volume of sales than the other marketplaces on these dates.

To increase transactions on dates with so much online traffic on AliExpress, you must have a pricing strategy that is perceived by consumers as attractive and beneficial. Combining attractive prices with elements of the platform itself, such as coupons or affiliate marketing, is key to obtaining good results during the promotion.

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