Some come and others go, what is happening with the marketplaces in the final stretch of 2022?

In recent months we have witnessed a great hurricane of innovations in the world of Marketplaces, from the launch of new platforms to the expansion of existing ones… Without forgetting those that have fallen by the wayside due to the demands that involves the launch and management of these platforms.

Surely in recent weeks you have heard about Miravia, Alibaba’s new marketplace. In this newsletter we will talk about its main characteristics. In addition, I am very happy to announce that Década 📦🚀 , Best Revelation Marketplaces Agency, has been selected by the platform as a TP Partner, which means having exclusive access to training and advice from the marketplace, as well as being able to work with brands to integrate them into the exclusive Mall section of the platform. In this new year, we want to continue helping brands to position themselves in marketplaces and maximize their results. I’ll tell you more details later.

On the other hand, with the arrival of the final stretch of the year, this is a key moment for sellers to take advantage of the Christmas shopping season and boost their sales to the maximum. Beyond this, it is also an ideal time to keep up to date with new features and tools; in addition to taking a look at new platforms in which it may be interesting to start working towards the new year.

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The latest headlines from the Amazon world

The Marketplace giant is never quiet. Amazon is that platform that updates its functionalities every two by three, in addition to always being up to date with new tools. Before starting with them, I want to share this article that the Marketplace itself launched with 7 tricks to reach more buyers and promote your brand during this holiday period.

Here we go with some headlines:

  • According to the study ‘Retail media ad spend in the U.S. 2019-2026, by platform’ carried out by Statista, Amazon being the leader in Retail Media with revenues that will exceed 60 million by 2026. Amazon  Walmart is on its heels, as it is expected to become one of the main ‘players’
  • Do you remember the RAP regulation? If you sell to customers in France with a French shipping address, but you don’t provide Amazon with a RAP registration number, Amazon will start paying and reporting eco-contribution fees on your behalf. I recommend that you obtain your registration number in order to guarantee greater control of what you will pay associated with these rates. You can find more info aquí.
  • It’s now possible to see an impression forecast with Sponsored Display, so advertisers can be better able to discover the ideal bid to break even. As well as better understand the impact of the elections during the creation of your campaign.
  • “Build Your Brand”, the new Amazon Seller tool to help brands grow. You can access it through the «Brands» section of the menu. Here you will find information on how to create your strategy, grow your audience, build brand loyalty and protect it.

New features aside, it is important to note that, as of January 17, 2023, logistics fees in the United States increase by an average of $0.22. I recommend you review all the updates in a little more detail, you can find a summary on the DécadaNews Telegram channel.

Beyond Amazon, we find very relevant news that is worth commenting on. From the birth of new marketplaces to the disappearance of some launched relatively recently…

Unilae, the general PCComponentes marketplace, closes its doors

Unilae, the general PCComponentes marketplace, has decided to close its doors after only two years on the market. According to the company, the decision is due to the lack of demand and high competition in the marketplace market in Spain.

Unilae was launched in 2019 as a generalist e-commerce platform offering a wide selection of products from different categories, from electronics to home and garden. However, the company failed to achieve its goal of attracting enough customers and suppliers, and has decided to end the venture.

With the closure of Unilae, PCComponentes focuses on its main core platform, specialized in the sale of electronics and technology products. The company also plans to expand into new markets in the future, so keep an eye on the Marketplace in the coming year.

Miravia, the new Marketplace that everyone is talking about

Miravia is the new marketplace developed by the Alibaba group and whose objective is to continue strengthening its presence in Spain and reach a different audience than the one reached with AliExpress. Its target is consumers from 18 to 35 years of age, men and women interested in discovering and consuming lifestyle, fashion, beauty, sports products and with an open spirit to explore a diverse range of trending products and brands.

As I mentioned earlier, the platform has selected  Década 📦🚀 as a TP Partner, which means having exclusive access to training and advice from the marketplace. In addition, we will be able to work with brands to integrate them into the exclusive Mall section of the platform. Miravia seeks to develop a balanced platform-brand-partner collaboration to better serve consumers.

It is a marketplace that provides a new shopping experience, mixing electronic commerce with entertainment, as well as having a wide range of products from established brands and the latest trends in fashion, beauty and lifestyle. Miravia also offers innovative solutions such as exclusive content created by influencers and a virtual makeup test bench.

Furthermore, it is a unique platform for sellers and brands that can have their own stores and interact directly with customers.

In Miravia, we will find two different parts: the Mall and the Marketplace. This is to prevent false brands from being positioned. In this way, the Mall will make a selection of brands with a guaranteed seal of authenticity and priority will be given to authorized distributors.

In addition, within the strategies of the platform to attract traffic, Social Selling and Live Shopping campaigns will be carried out. This is a very new way of buying in Spain, where products are offered for sale through a live broadcast. During this broadcast, vendors present products and offer special discounts and promotions to encourage viewers to buy. Live shopping has become increasingly popular in recent years due to its ability to offer an exciting and real-time shopping experience.

Without a doubt, Miravia will give a lot to talk about in the Marketplaces sector. Discover it here.

Mirakl launches Mirakl Ads with the aim of positioning itself as a leader in the Retail Media sector

Mirakl, the French marketplace SaaS platform for companies, has decided to expand its product portfolio by betting on Retail Media. This is how Mirakl Ads was born, which is presented as a transversal advertising solution that facilitates and speeds up the management of advertising campaigns with automated functions, taking advantage of millions of data. In this way, advertisers will be able to make better decisions and maximize the return on investment.

Mirakl Ads will be available from April 2023, you can find more information here., the Colombian marketplace that wants to change the way of buying and selling online

Al Carrito was born as a result of a great growth in electronic commerce and digital entrepreneurship in Colombia. Its objective is to position itself locally and expand to other countries. It stands out above all that it was born with very clear rules: 0 commissions for sellers and free shipping in 100% of the national territory.

In addition, this marketplace will offer the decentralized storage service in all the cities of the country, more than 15,000m2.

Aldi's bazaar products in its own marketplace

The German supermarket chain Aldi is strengthening its presence in Spain with a new project that consists of creating a marketplace for bazaar products.

The company affirms that there will be no food products for sale on the platform and that the project will last for several years. Aldi is already working on incorporating a team of specialized personnel to manage the new service.

This future store will sell products that appear casually on its shelves but do not have a permanent presence. The initiative aims to continue growing in Spain, one of its main markets in Europe. Until now, the presence of the chain in the country has followed a sustained and continuous evolution. With the entry into the bazaar market, it wants to take another step in its expansion strategy.


Does Amazon want to look like TikTok?

Amazon has launched a new app called Inspireha lanzado una nueva aplicación llamada Inspire, which allows users to share short videos and photos of their favorite products in a format similar to Instagram stories. The app, which is available only to Prime members in the United States, also includes a news feed that features sponsored content from brands and influencers.

The idea behind Inspire is that by seeing videos and photos of actual products in use, shoppers will be inspired to buy through Amazon. In addition, by allowing brands and influencers to post sponsored content, Amazon seeks to increase the visibility of its products and improve its search engine rankings.

It’s an interesting strategy for Amazon as it is increasingly moving towards a community-centric approach. As competition in the e-commerce market intensifies, this app can be an effective way to differentiate yourself and build customer loyalty.

However, it’s still too early to tell if Inspire will be successful. The app is in a testing phase and is only available to a small group of users. Only time will tell if it can inspire buyers to buy.

Leroy Merlin launches a thematic marketplace in Spain

Leroy Merlin, the largest DIY and gardening store chain in Europe, has launched a thematic marketplace in Spain. With an average of 21 million monthly visits and an average spend of more than 157 euros in its e-commerce, the marketplace offers a wide selection of DIY and gardening products from well-known brands at competitive prices.

In addition, it includes a section of tips and tutorials to help customers carry out their projects easily and efficiently.

With this launch, Leroy Merlin joins the growing list of companies that have decided to expand thanks to the marketplace model. This strategy allows them to offer their customers a complete shopping experience, and thus increase their presence in the market.

The international expansion of Adolfo Dominguez

Adolfo Dominguez, one of the most internationally recognized Spanish fashion brands, has decided to expand through international marketplaces. According to their statements, this strategy has allowed them to reach new customers and increase their presence in the global fashion market.

The company began its expansion in 2017, when it opened a store on, the world’s largest marketplace. Since then, it has opened stores in other international marketplaces such as, and, and plans to continue growing in the future.

In addition to Amazon, Adolfo Dominguez has also opened stores in other marketplaces such as Zalando and ASOS. According to the company, this strategy has allowed them to reach a younger and more modern audience, and increase their presence in the global market.

The expansion through international marketplaces has been a success for Adolfo Dominguez, and it is a trend that more and more companies are replicating.

Beerwulf, the beer marketplace that lands in the Netherlands

Beerwulf, the online specialty beer marketplace, has arrived in the Netherlands. The company, which was acquired by Heineken in 2018, offers a wide selection of craft and premium beers from around the world on its online platform.

With its arrival in the Netherlands, Beerwulf expands into its fourth market after Germany, Belgium and the United Kingdom. The company plans to continue growing in the future, offering its customers a wide selection of high-quality beers in one place.

In addition to selling beers online, Beerwulf also offers its customers the possibility to enjoy their beers in their own bar in Amsterdam.

And you, would you like to visit this bar? With the new year just around the corner, it is inevitable to wonder what the Marketplace sector will bring us in 2023. What is clear is that this online sales model has arrived to stay and will not stop evolving.

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