News Amazon 2023

Whether you are new to Amazon or have been part of the ecosystem for a long time, you should know that this platform is constantly being renewed. New features and changes in logistics rates are some of the novelties that Amazon brings us for this 2023.

Listing Quality Dashboard

The Listing Quality Dashboard is an Amazon Seller tool that provides recommendations on product attributes to complete. These recommendations focus on improving product visibility and providing an optimal experience for customers on the product detail page, which in turn helps reduce returns.

The dashboard displays lists of products that require improvement and provides recommendations on which attributes to add to improve discovery. By adding recommended information, you can improve the customer search experience by filtering results using specific attributes, easily compare products through the compare products feature, and potentially reduce customer returns.

The product overview highlights attributes that are important to customers, helping them evaluate the product more efficiently and make a faster buying decision. This experience is currently only available for a limited number of product types, but Amazon is working to enable it for more product types.

New functionality promotions

The Amazon Seller department has launched a new feature in the Promotions section that allows sellers to set a budget for 2×1 and percentage discount promotions. With this feature, sellers will have more control and a better experience in managing their promotions.

The budget feature in promotions is a valuable tool for sellers as it allows them to more effectively plan their promotions. Once the set budget reaches 80%, promotions will automatically stop to prevent overspending. The remaining 20% ​​will be used to cover any redemption by customers who have applied the promotion.

It is important to note that promotional budgets are for planning purposes only and may be exceeded. However, this launch will not affect any promotions that are already running.

If you have promotions scheduled for a future date, we recommend that you reconfigure them to take full advantage of the new budget feature. This will allow you to have greater control and a better experience in managing your promotions. The new feature is a great addition to the Amazon Seller Promotions section, and we hope it will be of great help to sellers.

Amazon Fulfillment Fee Changes

Amazon has announced changes to the fulfillment fees for its FBA service. These changes will come into effect from March 1, 2023 in the UK, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain, and May 15, 2023 in the Netherlands, Sweden, Poland, and Belgium.

The fee changes are an update intended to improve the seller experience and align fees with fulfillment costs. One of the biggest changes is that Amazon will use unit weight and dimensions to determine the size and weight category of products. For this, the unit or dimensional weight will be used, whichever is greater. Likewise, new weight categories will be introduced in the logistics management fees for large units with the aim of improving the alignment of the fees with the logistics management costs.

In 2022, Amazon introduced a fuel surcharge and inflation for its FBA fees in the UK, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain. As economic conditions have evolved, these cost increases appear to be more permanent and Amazon will therefore adjust standard rates to account for increased costs on an ongoing basis.

In addition, there will be changes to the FBA Small and Light program. The price requirement threshold will increase in France, Italy and Spain from €11 to €12, in Germany from €10 to €11, and in the UK from £9 to £10. In the Netherlands the threshold will be €12, SEK 140 in Sweden and PLN 55 in Poland.

It is important that sellers are informed of these changes in order to take full advantage of them and obtain a better experience in managing their promotions. Amazon will continue to provide more information on fee changes as the implementation date approaches.

Account Status Level​

Sellers who work through Amazon Seller know how important it is to maintain a «healthy account» to achieve optimal performance on the platform. To help sellers monitor their account, Amazon is updating its Account Status page and adding new services. This feature is already available to sellers in the US and Canada, and is now also coming to the EU, UK and Turkey.

The new Account Status page will allow sellers to view a point score from 0 to 1000 indicating the current level of the account compared to thresholds that determine if the account is suitable, at risk or not suitable. The page will also display the impact of any violations on the account status, allowing sellers to prioritize resolution of the most serious violations. Note that the account status level does not change Amazon’s current policies, but instead provides a score that shows the overall status of the account.

Amazon has implemented a new Account Status Level program policy that will help sellers maintain a healthy account. For more information on the account status level, sellers can refer to the FAQ on the Account Status page. This new functionality will help sellers take steps to maintain a healthy account and improve their performance on the Amazon platform.

News Amazon Ads

Amazon amazes us every month with its innovative features, expansions in the markets where we can promote our products/brands, and improvements in data evaluation. Understanding all the tools that Amazon puts at our disposal can be crucial to achieve good performance in our campaigns, even if it seems obvious.

Discover some of the novelties of Amazon Ads this 2023 by Sergio de Dios, one of our Amazon Ads specialists.