Mirakl Ads, the innovative Retail Media solution that Mirakl has announced


Mirakl has announced the launch of Mirakl Ads, an innovative Retail Media solution with which it hopes to position itself as a leader in this sector and meet the needs of today’s e-Commerce industry. When we talk about Retail Media, we are talking about advertising that is sold on websites where products or services are also sold.

It is a reality that, for several years, electronic commerce has not stopped growing and more and more users search and buy online. As a result of this, retailers have the ability to collect a large amount of data that arises from the sales cycle. This data allows for greater segmentation and more precise metrics that help sellers gain greater control of their customer behavior process.

With this in mind, new advertising formulas are being sought to monetize consumer traffic and it is not surprising that Mirakl, the French SaaS marketplace platform for companies, has decided to expand its product portfolio by betting on this.


What is Mirakl Ads?

Mirakl Ads is the new addition to the Mirakl product portfolio and aims to provide advertisers and marketplace sellers with a platform aimed at optimizing their spending on digital advertising, as it allows different marketplaces to be unified on a single platform. For this reason, Mirakl Ads is presented as a transversal solution that streamlines the management of advertising campaigns with automated functions and that takes advantage of millions of data, thus allowing better decisions to be made and maximizing return on investment.

With Mirakl Ads, you’ll avoid multiple logins, extra integrations, and disparate budgets. Everything is united in the same platform. Also, unlike other existing solutions that allow for uncontrolled dynamic bidding, Mirakl Ads allows advertisers to define campaign performance metrics in such a way that investment is better controlled.

On the other hand, as far as consumers are concerned, the idea is that Mirakl Ads improves their shopping experience, showing them relevant sponsored products.

When can you start using Mirakl Ads?

Mirakl Ads will be available in April 2023 through a global early access program.

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