Mercado Libre reaches a new record

Despite the current global economic situation, Mercado Libre achieves its best results in the third quarter of 2022. It achieved 44.9% growth in its total revenue compared to the figures at the beginning of the year. This represents a new revenue record for this leading technology and e-commerce company in Latin America.

What are the business lines that contribute the most financially to Mercado Libre?

Mercado Libre has an Ecosystem that includes several solutions to carry out payment transactions, product shipments, advertising within the marketplace and the option to create your own online store within Mercado Libre. These solutions optimize the user experience and make it easier and friendlier. Said Ecosystem is made up of: Mercado Envíos, Mercado Pago, Mercado ADS and Mercado Shops.

For this quarter, the business lines that had the highest growth were Mercado pago with a growth of 115% and Mercado envíos with a growth of 33%, which confirms its position among e-commerce companies.

For its part, Mercado Envíos had the highest rate of on-time deliveries during this quarter, consolidating its fast deliveries in Mexico and Chile, with receipt of packages in 48 hours.

This marketplace was founded in 1999 and is recognized for offering the possibility of buying, selling, advertising, shipping and paying for goods and services through its platform in an efficient and secure way. In addition, it gives you the opportunity to become a professional seller and provides you with the necessary tools to manage your business.

What benefits does Mercado Pago have?

When making a purchase in this Marketplace you can pay with your favorite means of payment (debit card, credit, cash or others) or access quick financing with different banks without having to carry out any additional procedures, thanks to Mercado pagos, the platform of online payments that Mercado Libre offers you with the peace of mind that all your operations are completely secure.

If you are a Mercado Libre seller you can process all payments from your online store, you can also charge through social networks with the option of payment links or you can charge in person through the Point card reader and QR code.

What advantages does Mercado Envíos have?

Product shipments are also supported by the platform so that you can use your time to manage your business and stop wasting time on deliveries. In addition, Mercado Libre has agreements with several parcel companies that will help you deliver your packages efficiently and quickly because delivery time is also an important indicator for your growth as a Seller within the Marketplace.

By sending your products through Mercado envíos, you also get the benefit of a percentage discount on the value of your shipments, which as you obtain more sales and reach a position within the Marketplace, you can count on more benefits.

The logistics service will deliver your product after you deliver the package to the collection point indicated by Mercado Libre. In this way, you ensure that your shipment will arrive within the estimated times and will not affect your reputation due to delivery delays.

It is an important ally of both sellers and buyers, since it achieves the delivery of products safely and at the speed that the user expects, and multiplies training and employment opportunities.

In addition, this Mercado Libre logistics network includes package reception agencies, a land and air fleet, its own storage and distribution centers, which are constantly growing.

What is the projection towards the fourth quarter of this year?

This marketplace continues in sustained growth, which guarantees that this last quarter will remain in the same line with a tendency to grow, since during this period commercial actions such as Black Friday, the Soccer World Cup and the Christmas season will take place. which allows sales to increase during this quarter and new revenue figures to be reached.

In short, we see how this E-commerce company is having increasing revenue, which represents a challenge and an opportunity to grow in the world of online sales at the hands of the best.

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