How to manage advertising campaigns in ManoMano

Although it is true that there are several advertising platforms to promote your products or brand online, among which Google and Facebook stand out for their popularity, each one has different objectives. If we talk about marketplaces, we undoubtedly have Amazon, but why stay with just one if we can be visible on multiple sites and platforms?

That is why, in this article we will show you a new alternative to manage your advertising campaigns within the ManoMano marketplace. In case you don’t know this company, it is the leading European platform for DIY, gardening and home. If you are a seller and you are looking to gain greater visibility and sales within this platform, this article will interest you.

ManoMano includes within its account management the «sponsored products» section, the purpose of which is to help the seller show its products from the catalog in the results of customer searches in different locations on the platform. Like most advertising consoles, they use the PPC model, that is, they will only be paid when the customer clicks on the ad.

For this, we have prepared a series of 6 important steps on how to manage your campaigns and improve relationships with your customers through sponsored ads within this marketplace.

Check that product pages are optimized

Before launching an advertising campaign, it is important to have the page of the product being advertised optimized. The main thing to take into account is:

  • 5 high resolution images.
  • Titles and detailed, clear and precise description, together with keywords with which we want to position ourselves and have a higher volume of searches, this will help to be more attractive to the client, have greater visibility and position ourselves in the first searches, in addition to increasing the conversion rate.
  • Make sure that the product is available (stock).
  • Promote product pages that have good comments, as well as the seller’s rating (if any), this will generate more confidence for the customer when buying. 
  • Review the market and make sure that your price is competitive, since paying for customers to click on our ads does not mean that they can be choosing a lower price than what we offer.

Determine a total or daily budget to start your campaigns

To get more visibility and therefore sales, you need to invest. Set a budget based on your goals. In this marketplace, what sellers are generally looking for is to increase their sales; therefore you must implement a good strategy to achieve it. If this is your first time running an ad campaign, we recommend that you use a budget that can help you understand and understand its impact. It will also depend on how much you are willing to pay for the clicks that come to your products. After a while you can observe and analyze the results, and increase or decrease the budget of the campaigns. For this, we suggest that you take into account as a metric, the ACOS (the smaller, the better) or the marginal ROAS.

Start with automatic campaigns

If you are starting and you are going to launch your first campaign, we suggest that you start with something simple and effective, which are automatic campaigns, since they will be in charge of deciding which keywords to show your products, and in which location. Likewise, it is possible to obtain several benefits, starting with the fact that the algorithm will search for keywords, offers, and products autonomously, and that this information will help you when creating your manual campaigns.

Optimize and get results

Once you have the campaigns active, it is advisable that you give the algorithm time to analyze and collect data. We recommend that you leave it at least 15 days to make any changes, evaluate the results and start optimizing, either increasing or decreasing bids or new segmentations. Within the ManoMano advertising console you have access to a Dashboard to monitor your advertising campaigns in real time with different metrics to evaluate performance.

Sponsored Brand Campaigns

One of the advantages of this type of campaign is that it allows for greater visibility of the brand and its product catalog, due to the location of the placement that is above the search results, that is, it is the first thing that you will see the customer when you do a search.

ManoMano calls it a «headline» format, and it works the same as sponsored products with the difference that when creating this type of campaign you must add 3 images, accompanied by an image or logo, and an action button that redirects you to the page of the campaign. store where you can see all the products offered by said brand. You must also define the targeting and the offer that you will pay to have it displayed. Like Sponsored products, it is based on CPC, in which you will only pay for clicks that make visitors who are really interested in the brand and/or product.

Clear and accurate reports

Follow the performance of your campaigns with useful reports that allow you to obtain clear and precise results of the important metrics to later use it in the optimization of the campaigns. Within the console you can download different types of reports and you can schedule them to run instantly, daily, weekly or monthly. Among the most important are the following:

  • SKU Report Performance
  • Category Performance Report 
  • Brand Performance Report 
  • Performance Report over time
  • Campaign Performance Report 
  • Search Term Performanceç


At Década we have specialists in ManoMano, who will help you boost your advertising campaigns through effective Marketing strategies in order to position your brand and obtain greater sales for your business.