Do not disconnect from your account at any time with the Amazon Seller App

Amazon Seller App

The launch of the new Amazon Seller App allows sellers to be connected to their account anytime, anywhere from a mobile or tablet. Certainly, this application allows access to the most important features of the Seller account in a very intuitive way and in real time. It is also available in nearly 13 languages ​​and in more than 20 countries.

The application allows you to intuitively and easily view all the features of your seller account. Specifically, on the home page of the application are the main performance indicators of the account, sales in units and income of the account by referrals or categories. In the same way, each of the dashboards allows you to manage inventory, reviews, notifications and alerts that may appear in the account.

Registering in the application is completely free and easy access. First you must have an Amazon Seller account, then download the application in the device’s application stores (Apple Store, Android or Google Play), finally open the application and enter with the same username and password of Seller Central and you will be ready for use.

What are the benefits of using the Amazon Seller App?

  • It allows you to optimize operations: you will be able to manage orders and process returns in a single click.
  • Keep products updated: photos can be added and descriptions adjusted
  • Monitor account metrics and indicators: you will know in real time the status of the account and future sales opportunities.
  • Control prices: adjust prices and keep them updated, according to the competition and their offers.
  • Increase customer credibility: contact buyers faster and build lasting relationships.
  • Being customer focused: allows quick response to customers and their needs.
Amazon Seller App

What actions can I perform from the Amazon Seller App?

With the new Amazon Seller App, product listings can be created or updated, directly from the barcode scan or in the traditional way in the menu (located on the left side) → add product → completing the ASIN or EAN of the product and continuing the discharge of the same.

Likewise, another of the great advantages of the Amazon Seller App is to comply with the approach to customers, fulfilling the promise of response, solution and evaluations, in a simple, effective and much more intuitive way of response.

Last and perhaps the most important visualization from the application is the performance and operational performance of the Seller account. This means that you will be able to control the metrics of sales, growth, payments, best sellers and identify possible actions to carry out with the products. Even generating filters to categories or convenience of the search in the last 30 or 7 days.

Amazon Seller App

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