Brico Depôt launches its marketplace

Brico Depôt, a specialist in construction, renovations and DIY with 31 stores open between Spain and Portugal, forming part of the Kingfisher group, has launched a new marketplace with the lowest commission on the market. This is due to its great commitment to digitization, its business model and its firm leadership in price.

How does the new Brico Depôt marketplace work?

To start selling on Brico Depôt, companies must complete a form available on the platform. Then, a team of professionals will guide you through the process of uploading the products and catalogs to the marketplace. Everything will be ready to go in less than a week, around five business days.

The marketplace integrated into the company’s ecommerce, will have more than 20,000 references in the first months with new brands that will be selected by a team of experts, will complement the company’s own ranges with the quality and responsibility that Brico Depôt has accustomed us to despite to continue submerged in an ambiguous and complex context, where it will be key to rely on the new techniques in the sector, the increase in teleworking and the commitment of consumers to invest in energy-saving products.

Prices at Brico Depôt

Brico Depôt is known for the low prices they have available to buyers. With certain global events, there is increased pressure on raw material costs, especially in the case of wood coming from China. The Company’s advantage is that 40% of sales are made under its own brand, which allows it to curb this cost impact, in addition to having full collaboration with suppliers so that the platform’s value for money is always a reference in the market. It is important to mention that the sale and shipping will be borne by the companies that offer their products in the marketplace, while Brico Depôt will charge a fixed monthly fee and an additional cost depending on the type of product in question.

What will be the purpose of the new Brico Depôt marketplace?

This new project is committed to becoming the ideal proposal to offer consumers everything they need within the category of products with an unbeatable price-quality ratio. The Director Sandra Zárate announces that this project is the most ambitious to date, as they are products that the consumer demands every day to be able to have the materials available to create the projects with the best value for money.

After the start of the pandemic in 2020, the company managed to implement its e-commerce, which in the last period continues to report growth at a rate of 90%. One of the great achievements was the integration of Click & Delivery home delivery services with the operation of its physical stores and the integrated Click & Collect service that allows store pickup. Going forward, in addition to expanding online, they plan to continue opening stores in their traditional format, between 4,000 and 7,000 square meters, and to continue seeking alliances to establish collection points.

With this new marketplace, the chain of stores specializing in decoration, DIY and construction materials continues its great digitization process and will continue to focus on the transformation and evolution of the company towards new horizons. It is expected to contribute 25% of total online sales. In its last financial year, Brico Depôt Iberia reached sales of over 400M euros, more than 20% over the previous year, reaching a record for the company in the market.

Brico Depôt Awards

In 2016 Brico Depôt already won the award for the first distribution company to occupy first place, within the category of companies with more than 1,000 workers. It has recently received the award for Best Business of the Year in the DIY Category from customers, as well as supporting local employment. The company has always placed an emphasis on inclusion, whether through external collaboration with organizations or hiring associated workers who work with people with special needs. This recognition consolidates the desire to become the model partner of the consumer.

Group outlook for the fourth quarter?

Brico Depôt’s sales continue to be very strong in all segments. Likewise, the profit behind the new marketplace tools is expected to be around £750 million.

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