It is possible to sell DIY through marketplaces?

The answer is yes, it is possible to sell DIY through marketplaces.

As we already know, marketplaces are online platforms that connect sellers with buyers, offering a wide variety of products, including DIY tools and materials.

Sell ​​DIY Items Through Amazon​

In the specific case of the Amazon Spain marketplace, we find the category “DIY and Tools”, which has nothing more and nothing less than 17,545,516 products at the time this article is being written. To mark the context a bit, the category «Electronics» has 15,180,674 and «Car and motorcycle» with 18,676,593.

If we continue to analyze the «DIY and Tools» category of Amazon Spain in more detail, we see that it has 12 main subcategories, of which the most prominent is «Manual and power tools» (4,637,777 products) closely followed by » Hardware store” (4,267,597 products).

Either way, if we keep clicking, we might get to very specific categories filled with items ranging from double-sided tape to scaffolding. In addition, new categories are emerging based on the evolution of the market. Do you still think there is no room for your products?

On the other hand, it is important not to forget the challenges that exist through selling on a marketplace, since sellers must compete with a large number of other sellers, which can make it difficult to differentiate products and capture market share. market. This is why it is more important than ever to offer quality products accompanied by a well thought out strategy and careful planning.

Ideal marketplaces to sell DIY items

In addition to general marketplaces like Amazon, there are also some specialty DIY marketplaces that offer a wide selection of home and garden products, from tools to building materials, and can be a great option for sellers looking to reach a specific audience. Also, these types of specialized marketplaces are not as crowded as Amazon.

One of the main marketplaces specialized in DIY is ManoMano. Founded in France in 2013, ManoMano has rapidly expanded in Europe and offers a wide variety of products for the home and garden, including tools, building materials, lighting and decoration. With over 4 million products available on its platform, ManoMano is a great option for sellers looking to reach a European audience.

ManoMano offers sellers an easy-to-use platform with a growing customer base. In addition, the company offers marketing and analytics tools to help sellers optimize their sales and reach more customers.

In summary, ManoMano is an e-commerce platform in Spain that has gained popularity for its wide catalog of products, competitive prices, focus on customer experience, and quality customer support. For buyers, it’s an attractive option to find everything they need for their home and garden in one place, while for sellers, it’s an opportunity to reach a wider audience and increase their sales.

Another interesting marketplace to consider is Leroy Merlin. Founded in 1923 in France, Leroy Merlin is one of the companies specializing in the sale of DIY, decoration, gardening and construction products par excellence. In recent years, the company has developed its marketplace, which preserves the company’s values ​​and opens its platform to other brands, in addition to its own.

Today, the company is expanding its network of suppliers, both national and international, that offer quality products at competitive prices.

In conclusion, it is very worthwhile to value the sale of DIY products through marketplaces, since, both on general and specialized platforms, you will be able to reach a very wide audience, making your brand known and exploring all its possibilities.

At Década we have a team specialized in marketplaces that will help you create an omnichannel strategy adapted to your brand to maximize your results through the different platforms.