How to get the Prime Seller?

Are you a business owner looking to bring your products to Amazon? The Prime Seller program is the perfect way to reach more customers and expand your business. With this service, you will be able to make more sales, deliver products faster and provide optimal service to your customers. In this blog post, we are going to explain what the Prime Seller program consists of and how to obtain it.

What is the Prime Seller Program?​

Amazon Prime Seller is a logistics program that allows you to deliver Prime orders directly from your own warehouse or from FBA. The Prime Seller badge commits you to fulfilling orders with two-day or faster delivery at no additional cost. Amazon will provide you with access to carriers with qualifying shipments; which give visibility into tracking and include various fulfillment delivery options.

What are the benefits of being a Prime Seller?​

Thanks to Amazon’s Prime Seller program, you can increase your reach and optimize the logistics of your business by shipping to national customers from your own warehouse. When you are a Prime Seller, your products have the Prime badge on Amazon that help attract more customers. Additionally, Amazon Prime customers will have access to free two-day shipping; although they can also receive their orders even faster with same day delivery or overnight delivery.

In the same way, with the Prime Seller service you will have advantages such as having a greater chance of getting the Buy Box, starting to create flash Offers, etc. For example, flash offers will help you grow your business, since it is one of the most visited pages on Amazon, and it will generate uninterrupted customer service at no additional cost.

How to become an Amazon Prime Seller?​

We must register ASINs eligible for Prime and to be accepted into the «Seller Fulfilled Prime» program; Amazon will evaluate the following items during an unspecified time frame as a trial period:

  • Offer Premium Shipping
  • Ship more than 99% of orders on time.
  • Order cancellation rate less than 0.5%.
  • Deliver orders with carriers approved by Amazon.
  • Accept Amazon’s return and refund policies.
  • Allow Amazon to handle customer service inquiries.
  • Fulfill orders in a handling time of zero days.

This badge will not be displayed during the trial period; but once Amazon decides it has been successful, enrolled ASINs will automatically display with the Prime badge.

In addition, we have the possibility to have this badge through FBA and combine both options to maximize your Prime products. The metrics that will be evaluated to see if the product is eligible for Prime are the following:

  • Order defect rate.
  • Comply with Amazon’s product and listing policies.
  • Comply with Amazon inventory storage limits.

The Amazon Prime Seller Program is the perfect way to make your products available to Amazon Prime customers. With this badge you will benefit from a greater reach of customers, reduced costs and efficient logistics thanks to carriers approved by Amazon.